Press Release

Press Release from 7 Days of Action Campaign


Monday 18th April 2016 sees the launch of the 7 Days of Action Campaign.

The campaign is launched by the mothers and family members of people with learning disabilities who are currently trapped in Assessment & Treatment Units.

These people have committed no crime. They have rarely been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Yet, they remain in Units for years at a time.

There are currently 3000 people in ATUs.

43% of the people are in Units more than 50K from their homes.

72% are being prescribed anti-psychotic medication as a means of containing them.

30% of people have been in ATUs for more than 5 years.

The average cost of being kept in an ATU is £3500 per week.

All these people want is to be living back home with their families or living in their own homes with support. And that is the aim of this campaign. To shine a light on the lives lived in ATUs but ultimately, to get people back to their own homes.

On Monday 18th April we will be launching a blog that each day for the 7 Days of action will tell a different story of someone who has experienced life in an Assessment and Treatment Unit. You can find the blog here:

For further information, please contact the campaign on 07925303174.