ATU Rapping by Peter Hagan

Peter Hagan is a young dude who has spent time in an ATU. He’s also a damn fine rapper.

Peter Hagan

Peter has written two raps. The first is about his own experiences during and after his time in the ATU.

The second rap, he dedicates to Thomas Rawnsley, who died in an ATU last year and whose story we will be featuring on Wednesday:

He loves his friends and family to bits his emotions are bigger than the exploding blitz how far he goes no one knows his emotion explodes loads of things he cant control in his soul there is a hole of torture time past and pain but he will regain his stance is not letting anyone stop him he is sweating he puts his dedication into hit life more than you will ever know he is still on top of his game is not no way he is gonna go astray he was burnt by the sparks and the ashtray but he has learnt that when it comes along he has to stay strong and he will not ever fall tough and stressful times keeps him between the vines of writing and getting stuck and struck by lightning at times he allows his scars to be seen its quite frightening he might strike twice if you’d him to drop the dice he never will stand still he loves everyone around him touch them and he will go psychotic sending you hypnotic he has not got it yeahs he has he is just so emotional know one knows how many highs and lies hes disguised but he is truly a nice person So dedicated he is liked or hated no one nothing can crush his motivation he’s driving the van he is not a quitter he will obliter-rate the matter of state that wants to bring him down from the cloud he calls Motivation will keep him asleep but wait until he awakes and the choices he makes he will take his wish chanted for granted because he knows he blows its gonna be okay he is much stronger than a pattern of dust he must always remember to hold that temper in he is in the center of devastation of an ocean that is bullshit he will never quit he loves everyone around him his Motivation is staying up ten out of ten he is back again when he was taken down it made him awake from the same old trade he made everyone afraid to touch him again he one day folded over snapped scolded the very surface of the earth hes on the same circuit he knows the things he has done were worth it he deserves what he wants to be and he will follow his dreams

Peter Hagan

“im sorry Paula about Thomas but i will get his name on the angel of fame and Heidi thank you for being right beside me all the way and Gabi and Cerys for being there for me for being my best friends to me and being their when the staff did not care for nothing and carl Faulkner ya funny man thank for coming to see me and thank Deb for a lot hank you mum and nan and Joe and everybody

this is a true story them I do not know his name but it came to your fucked up death the sickos must be on meth rest in piece friend only if they decreased that medication that beast in those thugs those disgusting drugs them thugs could unplug them meds could a drained grained pained chained it remained in your lungs if I knew I would have taken that medication out of your system I hope your in a better place embrace the taste fresh air your no longer in a square vile sick place where the staff didn’t care I dare them to cross my angels path in heaven im not forgetting what they did to you you might have been abused in many ways bruised black and blue everything you went threw but thanks to you people are getting saved what an angel you are a star in the sky they were cruel but it gave you the fuel to carry on for long enough and it was rough I admit its ball pit is sad but im glad you saved others peoples sisters brothers the mothers fighting so hard you should discharge them kids stop containing them its staining hearts scaring them for the rest of their lives you pest stay in your nest”.