7 Days of Action (January 2016 to August 2017)


The 7 Days of Action campaign will officially end at midnight on Monday 21st August.

The Facebook group will close for new posts and over time, will be replaced by the 7 Days of Action Archive which may be a useful resource.

The support group will also close at the same time. In order to fulfill existing commitments, Julie Newcombe has set up a new group – The ATU Family Support Group – and existing members will be transferred to the new group.

We have been advertising for people to take over the running of the current admin team but this has prompted a lot of ill feeling and frankly, it is not our place to appoint successors. We apologise for raising needless expectations.

We believe that by ending the campaign, we preserve the reputation and goodwill that 7 Days earned.

Anyone who wishes to start a fresh campaign on the same issues 7 Days was founded on has our sincerest best wishes.

For people who are interested in projects around in patient services, Bringing Us Together are working on many of the themes that 7 Days were involved in. You Know and Respond both do great work and support in this area. And Mark Brown has been working for some time on his new project, My Own Front Door, which is a collaborative project pulling together different stakeholders.

It has been a whirlwind 18 months and the current admin team have been with the campaign from the start. The creative brilliance, energy, time commitment and oodles of love that has made the campaign so successful has been so special.

We want to thank everyone who shared their stories, developed ideas, tweeted, wrote to their MPs, engaged in the discussions. The support has been overwhelming.

The fight still goes on. There are still far too many people trapped in ATUs and we will find our own new ways of fighting for their futures.

Once again, thanks for your great support.

Julie, Jules and Mark N

All Change @ 7 Days of Action

Since the launch of the first 7 Days of Action campaign in April 2016, the three public campaigns have been fairly successful in raising the profile of the scandal of learning disability in patient services in the UK.

Now it’s time to move the campaign on into a new era.

From 31st August 2017, the four members of the campaign admin team are stepping down and if the campaign is to continue then a new team with new ideas is needed.

The current team have put together a “job description” below. This is by no means prescriptive because the new team can chose to add or drop any of the current roles. But it is a taster of what the current admins get up to:

1. Plan, design/write and run the public campaign.
2. Manage the official website.
3. Manage the two facebook groups.
4. Manage the official Twitter account.
5. Provide online & telephone support to families.
6. Engage with other bodies to achieve the campaign’s aims.
7. Engage with the press & media to promote the campaign.
8. Research issues relevant to the campaign.
9. Keep abreast of the relevant laws (MHA, MCA, DoLS, Care
Act etc.
10. Speak at public events to teach/promote the campaign.
11. Write articles for publication about the campaign.
12. Maintain a resource centre to aid families.
13. Do the Macarena every Tuesday afternoon for 45 minutes.

If you’d like to be part of the new admin team, please message one of the current team on Facebook or Twitter, or leave a message on this blog.

Many thanks.