The Way Ahead


7 Days of Action ran two campaigns in April and October 2016. Both campaigns were well received by the public and media and gained a phenomenal amount of support.

We have been thinking about how to take the campaign forward and feel that to have the maximum impact we need to broaden the scope of the campaign. We have, in the main, focused on seven dudes, whilst being very aware that there are thousands more currently detained. The campaign has been closely associated with the original seven mums and Mark N and we feel this needs to widen out too. Mark N has expressed his wish to step back from the front line and most of the mums have other commitments that require their energy, so this also plays into our idea of a major change in taking the campaign forward.

We plan to change the name of the campaign to reflect the new emphasis and this will be announced shortly. The structure and roles within the campaign team will change also. The support group will still be open as we know that for many people, it is a valuable resource. These are exciting times for the campaign and we hope you will continue to give your great support. The reformed steering group are meeting on 7th February & there will be further news after then.

Above all else, we want to keep the dudes at the forefront of the campaign, get them out of in patient services into a place they can call their home, living the lives they want, and deserve, to live.