10th October

The next 7 Days of Action is less than four weeks away.

The big day is Monday 10th October and like April, we will be featuring stories of life in in-patient services each day during the week.

We are still on the look out for people’s experiences to include. We need to set a deadline of Sunday 25th September for receiving stories, so that the blog can be written in two weeks.

We need stories about your experiences of: assessment, treatment, exclusion of families, how people become institutionalized, how people are treated as not human, the barriers that are put in to prevent discharge and experiences of what life is like after ATUs.

We really want to have at least one day which is entirely the dudes own words.

If you feel you want to contribute to the next 7 Days, please write to us at: ourstories@sevendaysofaction.net

Many thanks.