3 Days To Go

There’s three days to go until the launch of 7 Days of Action on the 18th and we thought it was a good time to remind ourselves why we are running the campaign.

Monday – Eden


Tuesday – Jack


Wednesday – Thomas


Thursday – Tianze

family  2

Friday – Chris


Saturday – Robert


Sunday – Stephen


What Can You Do?

1. Share the stories. (On social media, verbally, send the links to people you know).

2. Sign the petitions.

3. Contact your local press and media.

4. Lobby your MPs.

5. Write to your local commissioners.

6. Discuss how we stop our family members being sent to ATUs.

7. Learn your MHA & MCA to stop this happening to your family members.

8. Support the families’ legal action

9. Can you offer lifts to families who have hundreds of miles to travel to visit their loved ones?

10. Can you offer overnight accommodation if you live near to any of the ATUs?

11. Lend your experience and ideas to the families.

12. Never forget. We are talking human lives.

Thank you for your support.

7 thoughts on “3 Days To Go

  1. I can offer lifts and or accommodation. I don’t mind driving 100s of miles ( maybe no further south than Hull to Liverpool though?) and staying overnight near someone’s home or ATU – I would need to bring my Dad with me most times for the drive but that still leaves 3-4 seats. I don’t need any petrol money or my accommodation costs covering as I have to take dad out for a drive / weekend away somewhere anyway so I might as well be going somewhere useful 🙂
    (driving in the car is about the only thing he really enjoys now and a night away form home gives the others there a break :-))
    I live in Durham. I can pick anyone up at the station or your house and drive to and from any hospitals / ATUs – doesn’t matter if they are not particularly near me. I have a spare room with a comfy bed setee for two. (I also have two dogs – one big one, both friendly)
    I’d probably need to arrange things about a month in advance but happy to try and fit things in at short notice. Not too sure how anyone can best get in touch with me? Maybe message me on Facebook? I really hope someone does take me up on this. It would give me some sort of purpose to my drives 🙂

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  2. How can I find out where the ATUs are, to know if I can help offer accommodation?

    I’m in East London, near Stratford which is good for rail and tube connections. I’m also very close to the a406 and M11 (I’m only an hour’s drive from Cambridge for example, and near to West Essex).

    I say that, I’d have to check with hubby as our usual rule is that people can only stay if we’ve both met them, and it’s harder in week days when he is working, but I’d like to see if I can possibly help.

    We have a large guest room with a double bed and we have a put-me-up bed that can be squeezed in as well if necessary. I took pride in making the room to a hotel standard with kettle and minibar! (yes, I over think and over plan EVERYTHING – there’s even a visitor book to sign…)

    It would take some effort to accommodate people visiting ATUs and I’d have to discuss with hubby, but in the meantime, are we actually near one?


    • There is an ATU in Billericay, Essex, which wouldn’t be too much of a trek from Stratford (just a little way up the A12).


  3. Happy to provide accommodation for families needing to visit Fulbourn in Cambridge (25 mins) or Northhampton (45 mins). We are in Brampton near Huntingdon.


  4. I live near to The Priory ATU private hospital in Dewsbury (7 miles away). I can provide emergency overnight accommodation to anyone in need who is perhaps visiting their son/daughter at the hospital. I have a spare room at the moment with a small double bed in it. Please get in touch via face book or email.


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